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June 2016

45 Years of Faithful Service

45 Years of Faithful Service

This month Pastor Leigh Robinson celebrates an amazing milestone – he has served the Lord in full time ministry for 45 years!

Leigh was born in 1948 into a non-Christian family, the eldest of four children. He became a Christian at the age of 9 or 10 after a school friend invited him to Sunday School where two Sunday school teachers (Beryl Brandon and Beryl Bird) had a profound influence on his life. Very early on all his other boyish ambitions faded and he knew God had called him to serve Him for the rest of his life.

My Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities

I have just returned from a ten-day tour of the Seven Churches of the Revelation in Turkey. Our excursion in Turkey was bracketed by time spent in the city of Istanbul. Straddling the Bosphorus Channel, the splendid waterway that divides Europe and Asia, connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, Istanbul is to me the most magnificent city in the world. Each time I visit it, I enjoy it more. It is an ancient city and a thoroughly modern city at the same time.