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July 2016

Life and Death on our Doorstep

On Sunday afternoon we received news that one of the children in our Rays of Hope projects had been hurt at home and was being rushed to the clinic. A few minutes later Bertha (who works for Rays of Hope) informed us that Sifiso had died. It turned out that Sifiso (an 18 month old baby) was accidentally burned when, while his mother was not looking, he reached for water which was in a pot over a fire outside the shack . While he was being rushed to the clinic his skin turned from caramel to charcoal and started peeling.

Volunteer Day at Ikhaya Lomusa

Last Saturday was one of the highlights of our year so far!

We had over 90 volunteers pass through the doors, some arrived in their SUV’s from Sandton etc and others walked from different parts of Alex. The youngest was 4 and the oldest was late 50’s. Some came as families while others from schools, youth groups and some came solo. Everyone with their garden spades and folks, Handy Andies, mops, drills, screwdrivers.