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Volunteer Day at Ikhaya Lomusa

Last Saturday was one of the highlights of our year so far!

We had over 90 volunteers pass through the doors, some arrived in their SUV’s from Sandton etc and others walked from different parts of Alex. The youngest was 4 and the oldest was late 50’s. Some came as families while others from schools, youth groups and some came solo. Everyone with their garden spades and folks, Handy Andies, mops, drills, screwdrivers.

For most it was their first time coming to Ikhaya Lomusa (Alex). Carpets and floors we cleaned, walls and windows washed, flowerbeds prepared and planted, toilets fixed, kitchen cardboards fixed, books and stationary sorted. I have never seen people so happy to work and so happy just to be there… There was such a buzz in the air as people met and worked alongside people from different backgrounds. I noticed a gardener guiding the hand of a software engineer.

The question was asked several times ‘Can we do this once a month?’. I think I saw something about the potential of our country and it was beautiful.

Thank you so much to all who participated, you far exceeded our expectations!

Ikhaya Lomusa, meaning Home of Grace, is a Children’s Home situated in Marlboro Gardens on the fringe of Alexandra Township. Care is given to children aged 7 to 18 who are orphaned or deemed in need of care due to abuse and neglect. The home is one of the projects of Rays of Hope - which is the outreach ministry of Rosebank Union Church.