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Ready to Risk

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with an unbeliever is risky business. It has always been that way. Jesus had more people reject his message than he had receive it (John 1:11-12); and the apostles at times got into some serious hot water when they proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:5-20; 7:1-60).

Killed for a Cellphone

Just last week a teenager in Alexandra died a horrible death because of a stolen cell phone. Zanele (not her real name), whose parents had both died, was living with her aunt and uncle. Her uncle sent her to get his cell phone charged and on her way home she was mugged and the phone was stolen. When she arrived home without the phone her uncle flew into a blind rage, poured paraffin over her and set her alight.

She died. Killed for a cell phone!

The Final Chapter: Lessons Learnt

Would you like a rusk my friend?” Lorraine asks as she sets a steaming cup of Five Roses with fresh milk in front of me. “No thanks” I reply nonchalantly. No thanks? Are you kidding me? I just said no thanks to the one thing I have been craving for as long as I can remember. My norms are changing again and it’s only been 9 days. How quickly we adjust.

Get Involved!

You don’t have to go to Outer Mongolia to be involved in missions!

Anyone who has been on life’s journey for any length of time will know that any effective endeavour is dependent on both front-line and back-office resources. For example, front-line people such as salespeople, doctors, judges and airline pilots cannot do their work with confidence and effectively without the necessary research, administrative and other support services.