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Last Thursday (29 May) was ‘Ascension Day’ and this coming Sunday (8 June) is ‘Pentecost Sunday’ – two very significant days in our church calendar commemorating two landmark events in redemptive history. In his farewell discourse Jesus told his disciples that he would be “going away” (ascension) and that he would thereafter send the Holy Spirit to them. This he did as promised on the ‘Day of Pentecost’.

Who Was this Man?

[An imaginary letter from a Jewish observer to his Greek friend]

He was in his early thirties, I would guess, when I met him. He stood out in the crowd. Or rather, he stood apart from the crowd, as he seemed to set his own agenda, and where he led, the crowd followed. He had plenty to say – and the crowd was hanging on every word. He spoke engagingly, and I appreciated the absence of rant or other tricks of crowd-manipulation. He seemed to respect his audience.

Joshua's Story


Late afternoon swimming in Knysna Lagoon at Bollard beach with his brothers and other friends. It was a bit crowded so he moved from his usual position, dived in and hit his head on a sandbank. His arms went lame. Being a qualified lifeguard he knew instinctively that something was seriously wrong. He surfaced very slowly, managed to get back to the beach and asked his brother Zach to go home and call their Dad.

2013 Annual Report

Calling, Equipping and Sending Disciples for the glory of God

The Cost of Discipleship

Toward the end of World War Two a German pastor by the name of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hanged in Hitler’s prison for being a faithful preacher of the Word of God and an outspoken critic of the Reich. Sometime prior to his death he wrote a book titled The Cost of Discipleship. His book has become something of a classic, not only because of its content but also because the author obviously lived what he wrote.