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Run for your life!

Sexual impurity has a price tag. And the price is high. Too high! Serious consequences are inevitable.

Fortunately Proverbs says as much about the prevention of sexual impurity as it does about its price.

The Prevention of Sexual Impurity

It stands to reason that if the first step on the path to sexual impurity is an unguarded mind, the first step in the prevention (and cure) of sexual impurity will concern the mind (or, the heart, as the Hebrews referred to it). So, we prevent sexual impurity

A Crazy Idea!

Reflecting on my Tour of Hope experience

I told people before the tour that, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to do this thing. This “thing” involves three days of sitting in a saddle (eina boude!), cycling more than 300 kilometres to raise support for Rays of Hope projects. All the way from Clarens in the Free State to Alex in Joburg…