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News about events and happenings in the life of our church community

45 Years of Faithful Service

45 Years of Faithful Service

This month Pastor Leigh Robinson celebrates an amazing milestone – he has served the Lord in full time ministry for 45 years!

Leigh was born in 1948 into a non-Christian family, the eldest of four children. He became a Christian at the age of 9 or 10 after a school friend invited him to Sunday School where two Sunday school teachers (Beryl Brandon and Beryl Bird) had a profound influence on his life. Very early on all his other boyish ambitions faded and he knew God had called him to serve Him for the rest of his life.

Weekend Getaway 2014

First and foremost I would like to thank the church for the bursary. It may seem small but to a student budget it's a huge sacrifice. The serving team were on point. You could see that a lot of time, money and effort was put in the preparation and throughout the camp. I'm really grateful for you guys.

The Weekend Getaway...I've got so much to say and I hope I can fit it all in a paragraph. Let's do this.

Next Generation Pastor

Great News! We're delighted to confirm that the members of RUC have extended an invitation to Ryan Wiesner to become our new pastor of Next Generation Ministries!

After a search which began in November 2012, the RUC Call Committee has received and processed 34 applications for this important position from across the country and even internationally.

It is with great joy and thankfulness to God that we announce that he will be joining our pastoral team early in 2014.

Weekend Getaway

The date is the 24th of August 2013 and it was time for the Harito family to go boldly where no Harito has gone just any camp- a church camp. Now for most of you that must sound incredible but for me who doesn't camp and my husband who was raised as a Greek orthodox a church camp was certainly not on the cards ( I mean who would look after the cafe if they all camped).

Welcome to our new site!

Dogs apparently age at a rate of about seven times faster than us humans, which means that my eight year old dachshund is theoretically old enough to purchase a house in most retirement estates (although I suspect he wouldn't get approval for a home loan with the current market conditions).